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Posted in Family, Friends, Lawrence, Life, Ramblings, School by Megan Do on December 27, 2008

It’s winter break, of course my sleeping schedule is fucked up. 

I tend to do this thing before I go to bed. Everything that has ever worried me, everything that has been on my mind–right before I go to bed–I start thinking about it all. Thinking about what I want to do after I graduate, thinking about where I’m living next year, thinking about who I’m living with next year, thinking about my friends, thinking about the friends I’ve lost touch with, thinking about the friends I’ve lost, thinking about the petty grudges I’ve had with people, thinking about “the girl,” thinking about girls, thinking about why I lose interest in girls so quickly, thinking about my family, thinking about my parents and  if they’re really proud of me, thinking about next year and how different it will be with my brother in college,  thinking about my class schedule next semester, thinking about my work schedule next semester, thinking about the cost of tuition next semester, thinking about all of the things I want but can’t afford, thinking about my lack of christmas presents this year, thinking about the recession, thinking about the job outlook, thinking about my parents retirement,  thinking about my dog and how long she’ll live, thinking about thunderstorms, thinking about the hail, thinking about the possible hail damage on my car…

There’s no way I’m getting sleep tonight.


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