Megan Do

Heartbreak Warfare

Posted in Life, Music by Megan Do on October 21, 2009

John Mayer and I go way back.

I realized today that I’ve purchased every album he’s come out with since Room For Squares. Now if I recall correctly, that was in 2001. That means I’ve had a love affair with this man since I was 12. His entire discography was the soundtrack to my entire adolescent to young adult life. I can associate every song off of every album he’s released with a moment or period in my life. For instance, “Great Indoors” reminds me of riding the bus home from school in the 7th grade. I honestly listened to this song every day on my yellow Sony Discman that winter. “Covered In Rain,” makes me think of when I spent an entire summer in Alabama with my grandparents. “Wheel” (which happens to be my favorite John Mayer song), reminds me of my freshman year of college and the amazing roommate I had. We discovered our shared love for his music and he became the soundtrack to our year. I could go on but you get the idea.

I must admit, I forgot about him for a while… until today. I stumbled across the second single off of his upcoming album, Battle Studies, and that nostalgic feeling came back to me. I swear, he never lets me down with his talent for song writing. He’s done it again with “Heartbreak Warfare.” This song perfectly details my life for the past six months and the struggle I’ve had with a relationship.  I don’t even think it’s necessary to give you a back story. Just listen:

After all he’s done for me–being the soundtrack of every awkward, insecure, heartbreaking moment I’ve ever had, you better believe I’ll be buying Battle Studies on November 17.


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