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RockMelt: the Social Browser

Posted in Social Media, Video, Websites by Megan Do on November 9, 2010

I’ve tried Mozilla Firefox, used Safari for a while and now I’m currently using Google Chrome but RockMelt looks like it’s worth a shot. A new browser that keeps you always connected to the people and things you want to be connected with, this may change the way we browse the internet. Check out the website for an invite.


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The Social Media Sobriety Test

Posted in Social Media, Video by Megan Do on November 8, 2010

Genius. Every single person needs to download this program, especially my friends.


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The Reverse Job Application

Posted in Job Search, Websites by Megan Do on November 5, 2010

Did anyone hear about this guy? I know I’m a little slow in posting about it but since I’m on the theme of job searching with Gus & Joe Agency Pizza Maker, The Pilgrimage to Crispin Porter and The Google Job Experiment, I thought it was only right that I posted this.

Andrew Horner is a University of Central Florida grad. Two years after graduating, Andrew was still jobless and losing hope. But that’s when he came up with the Reverse Job Application. So here’s how it worked: he created a website and with brief descriptions of his past, present and future. He also included interesting bullet points about himself; things you usually don’t get to tell an employer before they reject/hire you. And at the end of all of this info, an application for the employer to fill out to make him an offer.

You notice I wrote that in the past tense, right? Andrew is now happily employed and according to his website, he received “several dozen legitimate submissions from some really great companies.” After two weeks packed with interviews, he accepted an offer from “an awesome start-up.”

Really cool idea. Glad it ended well for him!