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Graffiti Proposal

Posted in Art, Random, Video by Megan Do on July 14, 2010

Sweetest thing ever.

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The People In My Life

Posted in Art, Graphic Design by Megan Do on June 22, 2010

Artist Carolina Andreoli has created a graphic that ranks all 317 of her friends by importance and color-codes by where she met them. That’s a lot of friends.

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The Visual Mixtape

Posted in Art, Music by Megan Do on June 16, 2010

Graphic designer, Noa Emberson, has created a set of posters to commemorate 25 of his favorite indie albums. Great design and great taste in music.

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Posted in Art, Websites by Megan Do on June 15, 2010

Letterheady is an online collection of interesting and well-designed letterhead used by companies, celebrities and other random people (including serial killers and magicians). Creator Shawn User encourages people to submit letterheads but “[d]epressingly average designs” won’t be featured. This collection makes me want to start a cross-country correspondence with someone. Any takers?


What Atlanta hipsters carry in their bags

Posted in Art, Fashion by Megan Do on June 14, 2010

Photographer Jason Travis’s ongoing project, Persona, takes a look into native Atlantan’s bags to see who they really are. It’s a simple, interesting and creative way of profiling people without asking them any questions. Below are a few of my favorites, check out Travis’s Flickr set for more.

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Wieden + Kennedy World Cup 2010 Nike Press Kits

Posted in Advertising, Art by Megan Do on June 11, 2010

Wieden + Kennedy has taken their Nike account to a brand new level with their World Cup 2010 campaign. They had everyone talking with their “Write the Future” video and now, photos of 11 press kits they’ve created to commemorate the global event have been released and they’re stunning. They recruited sculpter, Diem Chau, to carve 6 internationally known players for each press kit. That’s 66 individually-carved crayons. Incredible.

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Typography + song lyrics = awesome

Posted in Art, Music by Megan Do on June 4, 2010

Thanks to Flavorwire, I discovered these gems this morning. Mico Toledo, a talented graphic designer, has combined his two loves, typography and song lyrics, into a project entitled Music Philosophy. Every week, he posts a new graphic interpretation of song lyrics. All of the graphics are available for free download (and look great as an iPhone or desktop background) and if you really love the graphic that much, you can order a shirt here.

And my personal favorite:

If you have any song suggestions, you can request it here.