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Every year, I like to look back and remember the memorable things I did that year. 2010 was definitely one of the most memorable years I’ve had. I did a lot of cool things, grew up a lot and met some great people.  With graduation and new job opportunities, I’m excited to see what 2011 brings.

1. Internship in Atlanta














After obsessively applying and interviewing for 20+ internships, I found myself at BBDO Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia and it honestly was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I learned so much as in account management intern and got to work with the coolest group of interns ever (DTPATT!). Going to work was never an issue because I had a blast every single day. And after spending three months in Atlanta, I fell head over heels in love with the city–the culture, style, history, everything.

2. Chicago















Living on my own for three months in a big city and returning to Kansas was difficult so the second I was back, I started planning a Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago with a few close friends. I’d never been before and needed to be back in that big city environment. It was a short and sweet weekend full of adventure, laughs, sightseeing and delicious food.

3. 1,000 followers on Twitter




Before you judge me, I take my social media presence very seriously. Why use social media when what you’re saying doesn’t make a difference and isn’t being heard? After a conversation with a mentor, I realized that I needed to grow up and start using Twitter correctly. That meant more retweeting, sharing links, following interesting people and tweeting about more relevant things. I guess what I’m tweeting is interesting because I’m at 1,000+ followers. 1,000+ followers. Seriously unreal.

4. Campaigns









Since my first year at KU, I heard about the capstone advertising class called Strategic Campaigns, where a team of students is given a budget to create a marketing campaign for a real-life client. And since my first semester of junior year, I’d been dreaming of putting together the perfect team. This past semester, I enrolled in the class, helped put together the Dream Team and kicked some major ass by winning the account. It was seriously one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. I loved my team, I loved our ideas and I honestly miss spending every waking hour with them. Mark my words, in 10-15 years when we’re all tired of our jobs, we’re starting an agency.

5. Turned 21











For a year, when I logged into my iGoogle homepage, I would see a countdown to my 21st birthday. The night finally came one of my last nights in Atlanta and my aunt and uncle dragged me to a dark, Irish pub to celebrate with  pints of Strongbow and Guinness and a shot called the Lindsey Lohan. Turning 21 was a blast and I have to say that my social life has improved massive amounts since. I’m trying to enjoy every second of it before 22 hits.




Born Ruffians

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I’ll admit, I dislike a lot of things but my hatred for moving is indescribable. I’ve started packing everything I own into boxes and should be completely moved out of my house by next Monday. Thank goodness for good music to help make the process a little easier. Born Ruffians has been my soundtrack. Listen to them now. You won’t regret it.


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Help Yourself

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23 days until Atlanta and it can’t come soon enough.

I’m getting a little stir crazy in Lawrence. I feel like my life has become this one big routine and I hate it. I look around and everything seems so old and unexciting: my classes, the activities on the side and sometimes even my friends. I think for my mental sanity and the great relationships I have right now, moving away for a few months is going to be a positive experience. I know I’ll come back refreshed, appreciative of all the people in my life and ready to take on my last year in college.

I’m sucker for good soundtracks and I’ve been playing the Up in the Air soundtrack on repeat for a few days. I feel like this song sums up how I’ve been feeling lately.

“I know you’ll help us when you’re feeling better and we realize that it might not be for a long, long time
But we’re willing to wait on you
We believe in everything that you can do if you could only lay down your mind
I want you to try to help yourself

Take the time to take apart, each brick that sits outside your heart
And look around you
There’s people everywhere
And though they don’t always show it they’re just as scared
And we’d be more prepared if you just pulled on through”



Slumdog Millionaire

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Everyone, go see Slumdog Millionaire NOW!

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Thinking about…

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It’s winter break, of course my sleeping schedule is fucked up. 

I tend to do this thing before I go to bed. Everything that has ever worried me, everything that has been on my mind–right before I go to bed–I start thinking about it all. Thinking about what I want to do after I graduate, thinking about where I’m living next year, thinking about who I’m living with next year, thinking about my friends, thinking about the friends I’ve lost touch with, thinking about the friends I’ve lost, thinking about the petty grudges I’ve had with people, thinking about “the girl,” thinking about girls, thinking about why I lose interest in girls so quickly, thinking about my family, thinking about my parents and  if they’re really proud of me, thinking about next year and how different it will be with my brother in college,  thinking about my class schedule next semester, thinking about my work schedule next semester, thinking about the cost of tuition next semester, thinking about all of the things I want but can’t afford, thinking about my lack of christmas presents this year, thinking about the recession, thinking about the job outlook, thinking about my parents retirement,  thinking about my dog and how long she’ll live, thinking about thunderstorms, thinking about the hail, thinking about the possible hail damage on my car…

There’s no way I’m getting sleep tonight.