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Twitter Job Hustle

Posted in Job Search, Social Media, Video by Megan Do on July 5, 2011


Okay, this is pretty genius. Continuing my posts about creative ways to land a job, check out Twitter Job Hustle.

These people continue to make me want to slap myself across the face and ask myself, “WHY DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THIS?!”


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Every year, I like to look back and remember the memorable things I did that year. 2010 was definitely one of the most memorable years I’ve had. I did a lot of cool things, grew up a lot and met some great people.  With graduation and new job opportunities, I’m excited to see what 2011 brings.

1. Internship in Atlanta














After obsessively applying and interviewing for 20+ internships, I found myself at BBDO Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia and it honestly was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I learned so much as in account management intern and got to work with the coolest group of interns ever (DTPATT!). Going to work was never an issue because I had a blast every single day. And after spending three months in Atlanta, I fell head over heels in love with the city–the culture, style, history, everything.

2. Chicago















Living on my own for three months in a big city and returning to Kansas was difficult so the second I was back, I started planning a Labor Day weekend trip to Chicago with a few close friends. I’d never been before and needed to be back in that big city environment. It was a short and sweet weekend full of adventure, laughs, sightseeing and delicious food.

3. 1,000 followers on Twitter




Before you judge me, I take my social media presence very seriously. Why use social media when what you’re saying doesn’t make a difference and isn’t being heard? After a conversation with a mentor, I realized that I needed to grow up and start using Twitter correctly. That meant more retweeting, sharing links, following interesting people and tweeting about more relevant things. I guess what I’m tweeting is interesting because I’m at 1,000+ followers. 1,000+ followers. Seriously unreal.

4. Campaigns









Since my first year at KU, I heard about the capstone advertising class called Strategic Campaigns, where a team of students is given a budget to create a marketing campaign for a real-life client. And since my first semester of junior year, I’d been dreaming of putting together the perfect team. This past semester, I enrolled in the class, helped put together the Dream Team and kicked some major ass by winning the account. It was seriously one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. I loved my team, I loved our ideas and I honestly miss spending every waking hour with them. Mark my words, in 10-15 years when we’re all tired of our jobs, we’re starting an agency.

5. Turned 21











For a year, when I logged into my iGoogle homepage, I would see a countdown to my 21st birthday. The night finally came one of my last nights in Atlanta and my aunt and uncle dragged me to a dark, Irish pub to celebrate with  pints of Strongbow and Guinness and a shot called the Lindsey Lohan. Turning 21 was a blast and I have to say that my social life has improved massive amounts since. I’m trying to enjoy every second of it before 22 hits.




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What would your life look like if it flashed before your eyes?

Inspired by a mushroom trip and created by Vimeo co-founder, Jakob Lodwick, Pummelvision pulls photos from multiple social networking platforms such as Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr and exports them to a either a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Pretty cool to service if you live an interesting life. Pretty crappy service if you’re a college student and all you do is party.

TechCrunch has a a more in-depth look into the service.



RockMelt: the Social Browser

Posted in Social Media, Video, Websites by Megan Do on November 9, 2010

I’ve tried Mozilla Firefox, used Safari for a while and now I’m currently using Google Chrome but RockMelt looks like it’s worth a shot. A new browser that keeps you always connected to the people and things you want to be connected with, this may change the way we browse the internet. Check out the website for an invite.


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The Social Media Sobriety Test

Posted in Social Media, Video by Megan Do on November 8, 2010

Genius. Every single person needs to download this program, especially my friends.


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The Pilgrimage to Crispin Porter

Posted in Advertising, Social Media, Video by Megan Do on August 9, 2010

Two Miami Ad School of Madrid students, Santiago Cosme and Vicor Javier Blanco, are making a cross-country trip from New York City to Boulder, Colorado without money, transportation and places to stay, with hopes of working for the well-known ad agency. They depart September 3 and will be documenting everything here.

Good luck, boys.


One Frame of Fame

Posted in Music, Social Media by Megan Do on July 25, 2010

Dutch band C-Mon & Kypski have a half finished music video for their song “More is Less” and they’re enlisting the help of you, me and everyone we know to help them finish it.

Head over to One Frame of Fame where they’ll show you one frame of the music video. Copy the pose and using your webcam, take a snapshot. It’s as easy as that!

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Life in a Day

Posted in Movies, Social Media, Video by Megan Do on July 19, 2010

Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald and award-winning executive producer Ridley Scott team up with YouTube to bring a historical global experiment, Life in a Day. On July 24, people have 24 hours to “capture a glimpse” of their lives on camera. The most “compelling and distinctive” footage will be edited and used in a documentary film that premiere at Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

This definitely isn’t the first time people have been encouraged to submit their videos online but to my knowledge, taking their footage and making it into an actual feature-length film has never been done. This is an incredible idea and will be a fascinating look into the lives of people around the world.


Wieden+Kennedy and Old Spice Guy reply to your tweets via YouTube

Posted in Advertising, Social Media, Video, Websites by Megan Do on July 14, 2010

Holy shit. Has there ever been anything more genius than this?

Old Spice Guy has been responding to @replies on Twitter via YouTube all day and it’s turning into a social media frenzy. More than 100 videos have been posted and some have more than 90,000 views. Kudos W+K. This is fucking brilliant.


Write a handwritten letter on your computer!

Posted in Advertising, Social Media, Websites by Megan Do on June 17, 2010

It never ceases to amaze me how interactive advertising is getting and just by using a webcam! Last week, I wrote about Crispin Porter+ Bogusky’s awesome banner ad for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese that can recognize your smile. Now, I bring you a web application that lets you write handwritten letters… using your computer.

Pilot (the only brand of pens I use) and Grey Group teamed up to bring us a genius web application that lets you capture your handwriting on your webcam, write e-mails “by hand,” and  publish messages on Facebook.

By using the template below and writing each letter out into its corresponding box and taking a snapshot of the template using your webcam, the application will generate a font using your handwriting. Isn’t that brilliant?

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