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The Gifts Project: Social Gifting

Posted in Social Networking, Websites by Megan Do on December 23, 2010

Apparently, this may be old news but I thought I’d give a good idea a shout out anyways.

The Gifts Project, a small start up based in Israel, gives online retailers “benefit from friends chipping in for each others gifts.” The service which will be releasing more info in January will be using Facebook to connect consumers to online retailers’s specials and there will also be a gift suggestion engine that suggests gifts based on data pulled from the recipient’s Facebook profile.

This is a great idea and I expect The Gifts Project to expand greatly in 2011. I can’t count the times my friends and I have wanted to go in on a gift for another friend and how complicated it got.

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The Facebook Like Button Stamp

Posted in Random, Social Media by Megan Do on June 16, 2010

Wouldn’t this make paperwork so much better? I’m  thinking about talking to my office to see if we can invest in one. If you want to purchase one, check out Nation Design Studio.

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